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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 – Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members

Goku races to Mr. Satan’s house, where he proves unable to wake Majin Buu from his hibernation. Meanwhile, all of Universe 7’s remaining warriors except Master Roshi and No. 17 gather at the Capsule Corporation, where they discover Goku’s offer of 10 million Zeni was a lie. When Goku returns, Krillin berates him and threatens to withdraw from the team along with No. 18. Beerus swiftly threatens him into staying. Bulma agrees to pay out the promised reward. In Universe 6, Cabba takes Caulifla to a deserted wasteland to teach her how to become a Super Saiyan. As Caulifla’s protégée, Kale (ケール Kēru), observes them, Cabba ineffectually attempts to provoke Caulifla in order to make her transform. When that fails, he teaches her to focus her energy on an area in her back. Caulifla successfully transforms into a Super Saiyan. Caulifla tests her newfound power and agrees to join Universe 6’s team for the Tournament of Power. Caulifla beckons Kale over to attempt the transformation herself. In Universe 11, Kahseral arrives at the Pride Trooper headquarters, where he and Toppo agree to leave the universe in their trainees’ hands so they can participate in the tournament. In Universe 3, two cyborg warriors named Nigrisshi (ニグリシ Nigrisshi) and Narirama (ナリラマ Narirama) display their upgrades for the tournament to Universe 3’s deities Mosco (モスコMosuko), Ea (エア), and Campari (カンパーリ Kanpāri). Back in Universe 7, Goku and his friends are unable to figure out who can replace Buu. When Beerus claims they have no suitable fighters because Goku destroyed the Frieza Force, Goku is inspired to recruit Frieza, which shocks everyone.

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 92:Emergency Development English Subtitles EPISODE NAME :Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members Watch in Hd Free And Download.

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