Dragon Ball Super Episode 3-Where Does the Dream Continue

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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 3 Dub In English-Where Does the Dream Continue Search for Super Saiyan God

Fearing what might happen knowing that the God of Destruction is awake, the Old Supreme Kai and Supreme Kai urge King Kai to guarantee that Goku ne’er finds out regarding Beerus. However, Goku overhears the conversation and becomes curious. Back in his temple, Beerus and Whis continue their search for the Super Saiyan God. They soon learn of Goku and his feats. Beerus and Whis decide to pay him and King Kai a visit. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Goku’s friends and family members begin gathering on the ocean liner for Bulma’s birthday celebration aside from Vegeta who continues to be coaching to overpower Goku and everybody else within the universe.

Watch Dragon Ball Super Season 1 Episode 3:Where Does the Dream Continue with English Subtitles EPISODE NAME:Where Does the Dream Continue Search for Super Saiyan God Watch in Hd Free And Download.

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