Dragon Ball Super Episode 2-To the Promised Vacation

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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 2 Dub In English-To the Promised Vacation Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip


Goku goes to King Kai’s planet to train with King Kai. Meanwhile, Vegeta, Bulma, and Trunks take a family trip to a resort. Bulma and Trunks are enjoying the family time along, while Vegeta is discomposed by the very fact that Goku gets to coach. Fed up with what he considers a waste of your time, Vegeta flies away and heads back to Capsule Corporation to train. Somewhere in space, Beerus and Whis scour an alien planet in search of archosaurian reptile meat. They are confronted by the planet’s strongest person, but he proves to be no match for them. Shortly afterwards, Beerus destroys the planet so as to own another vision of his destined opponent – the Super Saiyan God.

Watch Dragon Ball Super Season 1 Episode 2:To the Promised Vacation. with English Subtitles EPISODE NAME:To the Promised Vacation Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip Full Episode Watch in Hd Free And Download.

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